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Freedom from heavy bleeding in just 90 seconds*
If heavy periods have been keeping you from enjoying your life to the fullest, you should know about NovaSure® endometrial ablation. NovaSure is the safe, simple procedure that’s been proven to help control heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) without any need for hormones or a hysterectomy. Novasure can help put an end to the embarrassment and awkwardness that heavy bleeding can cause.

What is NovaSure®?
NovaSure® is an endometrial ablation procedure that provides an effective and minimally invasive outpatient alternative to hysterectomy, while avoiding the potential side effects and long-term risks of hormone therapy. NovaSure® delivers precisely measured electrical energy via a slender, handheld wand to remove the endometrial lining.

This quick, simple procedure requires no incisions. It can be performed in an office or outpatient setting, and generally takes less than 4 minutes, significantly less time than any other endometrial ablation procedure.

What is Mennorrhagia?
Menorrhagia is excessive menstrual bleeding. If your bleeding lasts 7 or more days per cycle, or is so heavy that you need to change protection nearly every hour, you may have menorrhagia. Only your doctor can tell you for sure.

Women suffering from menorrhagia can experience fatigue, anemia, embarrassing accidents, and restricted activity. If you’re familiar with these effects, you know that menorrhagia can disrupt your life.

And you are not along. About 1 in 5 women experiences unusually heavy menstrual bleeding. And there are now more treatment options available to you.

Am I a candidate for the NovaSure® Procedure?
Premenopausal women with heavy menstrual bleeding who have completed childbearing may be candidates for NovaSure. Your physician may perform diagnostic tests to rule out other abnormal uterine conditions, and your Pap test and biopsy must be normal.

* duration of energy delivery


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